New CORES publication

14/04/2016. A paper co-authored by Dr Melody Sandells was published today in Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems in a special issue on research conducted at the Sodankylä research station, Finnish lapland. The first author, PhD candidate William Maslanka from the University of Reading, is supervised by Dr Sandells, CORES Science & Engineering, Prof Robert Gurney, University of Reading and Dr Juha Lemmetyinen, Finnish Meteorological Institute. The paper presents the initial findings of the Arctic Snow Microstructure Experiment in Sodankylä, Finland. The experiment observed the microwave emission of extracted snow slabs on absorbing and reflecting bases. Snow parameters were recorded to simulate the emission upon those bases using two different emission models. The smallest simulation errors were associated with the absorbing base at vertical polarization. The observations will be used for the development of snow emission modelling.
The paper is open-access and can be downloaded here.