Reindeer grazing and climate in ERL

22/12/2016. Publication of a research article in Environmental Research Letters' special issue on Recent, Present and Future Arctic and Boreal Productivity and Biomass Changes. The study stems from a collaboration between scientists from Umeå University, Sweden, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium and CORES, UK. The research combines field measurements of albedo, herbivory and vegetation characteristics with land surface modeling to investigate if reindeer grazing can influence the energy balance of an arctic tundra. The full article is open-access and can be dowloaded here.

GI Special Issue complete

22/11/2016. The special issue "Multi-disciplinary research and integrated monitoring at the Sodankylä research station: from sub-surface to upper atmosphere processes" is now complete. It was guest edited by CORES' Dr. Cecile Menard, and researchers from the Finnish Meteorological Institute and The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS). Twenty-one papers covering the breadth of research being conducted at the FMI Arctic Research Centre in Sodankyla, Finnish Lapland, were published in the open-access Copernical publication "Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Sytems" (GI). All the papers can be accessed at

Discussion paper in The Cryosphere

03/08/2016. A paper stemming from the collaboration between researchers from CORES, the University of Edinburgh, Northumbria University and the Finnish Meteorological Institute was published in The Cryosphere last week. The study looks at a wide range of options for simulating sensor signals for satellite monitoring of water stored as snow, through an ensemble of 1323 coupled snow evolution and microwave scattering models. The paper can be found here and is open for discussion until 20 September 2016.

CORES on Brexit in Nature

22/6/2016. On the eve of the UK referendum on leaving or remaining in the EU, Dr Cecile Menard and Dr Melody Sandells ask UK research councils to rethink their eligibility criteria to be consistent with the European Commission and the UK arts councils. Read the online or view-only version of the Correspondence article published today in Nature.

Second CORES publication in GI special issue

16/06/2016. The first complete dataset derived from measurements for driving and evaluating snow models at an Arctic site is described in a publication led by Dr Richard Essery, University of Edinburgh, in the Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data special issue on research at the station in Sodankylä. The work is a collaboration between researchers in the UK, Finland and France. The open access paper can be downloaded on the GI website and the data from the Finnish Meteorological Institute database.

New CORES publication

14/04/2016. A paper co-authored by Dr Melody Sandells was published today in Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems in a special issue on research conducted at the Sodankylä research station, Finnish lapland. The first author, PhD candidate William Maslanka from the University of Reading, is supervised by Dr Sandells, CORES Science & Engineering, Prof Robert Gurney, University of Reading and Dr Juha Lemmetyinen, Finnish Meteorological Institute. The paper presents the initial findings of the Arctic Snow Microstructure Experiment in Sodankylä, Finland. The experiment observed the microwave emission of extracted snow slabs on absorbing and reflecting bases. Snow parameters were recorded to simulate the emission upon those bases using two different emission models. The smallest simulation errors were associated with the absorbing base at vertical polarization. The observations will be used for the development of snow emission modelling.
The paper is open-access and can be downloaded here.